Public Distribution Schemes

Below Poverty Line Scheme

Under the aimed public distribution, B.P.L. scheme is implemented for the families belonging below poverty line from year 1997. Under this, every family is allotted 35 Kg. food grains (in Eastern Districts - 25 Kg Rice and 10 Kg Wheat, In Western Districts - 20 Kgs Rice and 15 Kgs Wheat) each month at fixed price. Wheat and rice is being made available at the rate of Rs. 4.65 per Kg. and at Rs. 6.15 per Kg. respectively.


Antyodaya Scheme

Antyodaya Anna Yojna has been implemented from 2001 under the public distribution schemes. This Scheme is targeted towards serving the poorest of poor living below poverty line. Under this scheme, each family / card holder receives 35 Kg food grain (Eastern Districts - 10 Kg Wheat and 25 Kg Rice. Western Districts - 15 Kg Wheat and 20 Kg Rice) per month. The food grains are being provided at the prices fixed by the government which are Rs. 2/- and 3/- per Kg respectively for wheat and rice.


Mid-day Meal Scheme

The State Government has launched a program of providing free mid day meal to the students of primary schools across the state from 1995. Under the scheme, the eating habit of the regions of the state has also been kept in mind. The food grains supplied in the eastern districts of the state have two third rice and one third wheat content and in the western districts this composition is reversed, making the wheat content two third and rice content one third. The food grains under the scheme are supplied for ten months of the year, leaving the month of May and June as the schools have summer vacation during these months. Under this scheme each student receives 60 gram mid day meal per day, i.e. 1.8 Kg (1.2 Kg Rice and 600 gms Wheat) per month; free of cost. Under the Mid Day Meal Scheme for Primary Schools the corporation is supplying the foodgrains to fair price shops.

Foodgrains supplied :

2000-20012001-20022002-20032003- 20042004-2005
40498 MT 129876 MT 143478 MT 159669 MT 165625 MT