Inter state business

UPSFECC started interstate business in 2001-2002. UPSFECC rose to the occasion when the nation faced challenges. In 2001 when Bhuj faced the devastation of earthquake, we were given responsibility of supplying 500 quintals roasted grams and jaggary to earth quake affected area. Though the challenge was real steep, because of shear dimension of logistics and the nature of the material to be supplied and the criticality of the place. But we took up this challenge, UPSFECC staff and officials stayed in tents and oversaw the delivery ad distribution of the material we were thoroughly appreciated by the people and administration of Bhuj. We discovered out capability in serving other state in our area of specialty and in tune of this we stared inter state business in an organized manner. UPSFECC is already serving far-flung state like Kerela and plans to start such operations for other states soon.

To enhance its business and profit, interstate trading in pulses, oil seeds and spices are being transacted with Kerala and West Bengal. In this program 788 MT Gram in year 2001-2002, 132 MT Arhar pulses and 85 MT gram supplied to Kerala till Dec, in year 2003-3004.